So I ask you again is this what you want

there’s so much blood on your hands,

And your making yes your making

so many many demands,

And your changing yes your changing

ripping layers off your skin,

So much life blood so bright red

your drowning you just sin,

You say your falling your just falling

you’ve forgotten right from wrong,

You say there’s no redemption

there ain’t no brand new song,

The road you travel

is so dark,

It’s barren

and it’s stark,

You once said your like reverse origami

peel back the layers and your there,

But you’ve peeled to much there’s nothing left

your empty warmth less bare,

You say you’ve got the fire of a demon

that your pulled apart inside with rage,

All the tears that have been shed because of you

your mind should be in a cage,

Your changing yes your changing

a mere shadow of yourself,

All the confusion and frustration

it’s fucking with your health,

You say your damaged torn and broken

you say there’s nothing left on the insides,

But hidden in the dark deep inside of you

a ….