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~ Elements…. ~


you’ve got 20 minutes to make up a story as you go along. Expectant child in front of you, what can you do?


“Tell me a story.” The little girl said, as I sat myself down at the end of her bed. “Which book would you like.” I said with a smile, “No. Make me a story. You haven’t done that in a while.” “Okay and just what, is this story to be about?”  “Elements, ELEMENTS!” The little girl did shout. (She meant Earth,Fire,Wind,Water.) “So lay down little Princess, lay down in your bed. Stretch, yawn deeply, snuggle down, rest your body, rest your head….”

“Elements, Elements. Elements….” I said….


“I’m hot.” Said Fire dancing around “And I’m so much more deadly than you.”

“From such a teeny tiny spark, I cause utter carnage, I burn everything right through.”

“Pish posh!” Said Water with a mighty roar. “I can turn you in to nothing but steam.”

“You wouldn’t.” Said Fire.

“I would, I would.”

“You wouldn’t, cuz that would be mean.”

“I’m the most deadly.” Said water with a gurgle. “When people see me they shout.”

“I can engulf buildings, rip up trees.” “And wash cars, boats,lorries away, I can even put you out!”

Wind, who had been quiet, then piped up. “Neither of you are as deadly as me.”And with a deep breath and a crashing big woosh, he pushed Water onto Fire and put him out. Then pushed Waters tide out as far as he could see.

“See the two of you squibbly squabbalers, I’m the most powerful element that can be.”

Now earth, who did not talk very much, and who listened to all around.

He shifted his plates so very very high, to tower above the ground.

He looked at Wind and Fire and Sea(Water),

and although individual, saw what they could be.

He spoke with a voice both old and wise as he called, “Come here, Wind, Water, Fire all three.”

“Do you not understand, have you no idea, if we work together how strong we could be?”

“We are the elements, we bring death, we bring life.”

“We help feed every man and his child and his wife.”

“We were here so long ago and we will always be around.”

“From the Wind in the sky to the Fire, Water and me the Ground.”

Wind hovered, Fire glowed, Water sat so close to shore.

And for once they all agreed. No one was more deadly as all four….



“Now now little Princess, it’s time for your bed. One more cuddle for you tightly, A kiss dropped on your head.”

One more smile for you, as I walk out the door. ” I love you mummy.” “And I love you more….”





Little thoughts….


                     ….Forgive me


                                              for my silences….


                                  ….Every time I am around you


                                                           I forget how to speak….



~ Flame…. ~

Like a moth I’m drawn

to the flame,

As it swirls and flares

it’s never the same,

The heat 

the flickering light,

The hiss crack pop

my senses flood what a sight,

Embers their carried

in the wind,

The flames spread outwards and upwards

the grass it gets singed,

The flames they lick

they kiss and they curl,

Like an enchantress seducing

with heat and embers to unfurl,

The flames they call

a song seductively sweet,

An enchanting melody 

enrapturing those it does meet,

But with no more food to feed the flames

they just cannot last,

And with a splutter and cough

they go out with a gasp….


An Award…. :-)

Versatile blogger award image

I got nominated for the versatile blogger award by Christine Blackwell  . If you haven’t been over there to her page, you should go take a look, she has some amazingly deep thoughtful poetry.

So here are the rules!

Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

7 interesting things about myself….

Hmmm? wrote the above then sat here for nearly 10 mins…. Whats interesting? Ok here goes….  🙂

1) I love Japanese anime, collect Ghibli and Manga films and my favorite directors are Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

2) I can’t swim and have a huge fear of open water, rivers, lakes, ponds, the sea, swimming pools! But I love the beach (at low tide or when its out! ).

3) I love music and always have it either playing or am humming or singing it. I was gutted when I had to sell my cd collection when we moved to Lincoln ( 2000 cd s ). Now my songs are digital with only about 200 cd s.

4) I was born in London but the only time you hear my London accent is when I’m relaxed talking to my children or I’m swearing. I always say the F word with an A in it!

5) I love accents. Not so much different British accents, I like foreign ones and Texan, Russian, Tennessee and Norwegian are among my favs, oh and an Irish accent!!  Strange but true!

6) I read a lot but I also love to listen to people read. Stories or Poems, classic or modern, I like listening to all.

7) My favorite animals are, in no order, The Emperor Nautilus, Jelly fish and Cats ( <– I have 2 ).

Well that was hard!  🙂

Here are my nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations, these are versatile and talented bloggers:

1) Tom Lucas ( )

2) Rachel ( )

3) Happyfrog ( )

4) lessonsbyheart ( )

5) rod ( )

6) scottishmomus ( )

7) howanxious ( )

8)  Eric Alagan ( )

9) jensine ( )

10) darkangelwrites ( )

11) ashadeofpen ( )

12) Come November ( )

13) Fighting Fears  ( )

14) SFoxWriting’s Blog ( )

15) twistedthoughts ( )

So that’s all 15. They are all different and all fantastic!!

Whats the perfect picture?

“One picture.” I said. “Can I have 1 picture of you all together?”  “No.” Said my eldest. “Nope.” Said the eldest girl. “You hate pictures mum so why should we have them taken?” Said my middle girl. “Just one? Pretty please????” I said. “Okay….” They agreed!

After all I thought, 1 photo, this is gonna be easy! Hmmmm!!!

So this is who we have….

From left, back 4:-  John, Anthony, Chantelle Taylor. Aged, 10, 14, 13sept, and 11.

Front 2:- Holly 4 on left and Ruby-Jade 8 on right.

My 6 little and taller (2) than me monsters!!!!


Photo 1. Notice the grump at the front? That’s ok. My phone takes photo’s fast, I’ll do another….


Photo 2 Hmmmm? Aren’t you supposed to be looking at me?


Great a grump and where did that hand come from?


I can see your fingers! Your making faces and your not even looking!!


Yay the grump is smiling well, actually she’s laughing but you can’t hear it!!


Still with the fingers and faces…. Oh and grumpy is back!


Ha! fingers busted but I think we’re falling apart….


Oldest gets his own back, and yes it’s not going how I planned….


Hey I’m over here!!!!!!


Order shall be restored for my 1 yes 1 photo!


And the giggles take hold….


It’s more fun to play….


Beginning to remember that no. They do not sit still…. Ever….


We’ll keep going. Maybe I’ll get the good picture I’m after….


Well it’s a brilliant picture…. of feet….


Someones had enough….


Is it time to make a move?


Yup! Time to get the youngest!


Youngest on the move and my hopes are running away….


Oh yeah shes not gonna sit no more….


Youngest tells the older ones off!!


Older ones laugh!

So, I didn’t get the perfect picture…. Or did I? I took 300 photos in all that day and about 30 of them were with all 6 of them. What is perfect? In the photos above, their personalities shine through and they laugh and are having fun, relaxing and being them. That’s got to be better than any photo showing them all sitting still and quiet. Still and quiet just isn’t them. So, yeah I think I got the perfect photos after all….

Happy hugs ALL.x.



PS:- Photo’s taken on a Galaxy Note 2.




A comment on  ~ Some days…. ~  made me think of this. I wrote it ages ago but, it’s a poem/thought that still rings very true with me now. Thank you Eric Alagan for reminding me of it.

~ ? ~

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March 13, 2010
If colours were a thought
processed in your head,
How would you know
what sunlight is laying in your bed,
And how would a simple touch feel
would it set you free,
If people were a figment
What would we mean you and me,
If a day was but a second
and a year was but a blink,
How would you describe what you see in the mirror
tell me do you think,
Say all of us on earth were a sound wave
one that was always online,
I think all we are is a moment
cradled within the hands of time….



Who are you

to stop and stare,

Who are you

to judge if I care,

Who are you

to say right or wrong,

Who are you

to dictate my song,

Who are you

to say I should love…. be there,

Where were you

when I needed someone to care,

Who are you

to judge if I care,

When you clearly can’t see

what’s underneath what’s there,

Why should I push aside the truth

pretend to forget love care be there,

Some wounds never heal

and the knifes that make them never share,

So who are you to judge

when your oblivious to the fact you don’t see,

Who are you to judge

when you know fuck all about me….


…. To be honest

I just don’t care anymore….

…. Here’s my foot

your arse the big door….


For you. No not you, your awesome have a cup of tea. FOR YOU. Yeah you, you know who you are, shut the door on your way out….



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