You I remember you                                

sitting in the front room your chair,                  

The smell of cigarette smoke                

the newspaper the crossword your concentration your hair,                          

Horse racing wrestling golf football                      

the pools,                                      

Silent yet you commanded the front room                                    

your rules,                                    

All these years later                        

so many memories of you,                                    

So many different things                                  

and each one still like new,                    

From being there when I was ill                                          

your quiet comforting way,                                

To foot wars in the front room                        

i’m reminded of you every day,                            

Of all the people to have entered my life                          

you left the biggest light,                              

And even when I lost my way                                    

that light flickered just out of sight,                              

I never told you how much you meant                    

“feelings” the things I just don’t do,                      

But even though we weren’t flesh and blood                                          

your the meaning of the word dad yes you,                                      

That night I said I wanted to leave                        

i was in such a fucked up place,                

And then you said “Go on leave then, get out”                                          

i saw the hurt on your face,                                  

It kick started something within me                              

Something that never went away,                                        

And I knew before they told me                    

that the angels took you away,                                

I miss you yes I miss you                          

every single day….