My son plays this game, you might of heard of it, in fact all my children play it but my son is  good at it. Its called Adventure Quest Worlds it’s an MMORPG. He was trying to do 2 different things last night ( and failing ), when he asked me if I could battle these monsters. Why not? So there I am killing skeletal warriors, skull warriors and undead infantry bringing down my sword ( The Tormenter), and they aren’t even the cool ones. Dage? His armour? And sword? Yup I most definitely want that outfit in my closet, and yep I’m  serious!! Anyway a little inspiration hits and….



A little thought….


~ Battle…. ~


Men men

so many men,

So tired and weary

and yet and then,

Cut and scarred

dented and bruised,

Bloody from battle

mercilessly used,

A pawn on the chessboard

a pawn in his hand,

You can’t kill the dead

that walk across this land….