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Do you agree….?



~ _ _ _ _ …. ~



You I remember you                                

sitting in the front room your chair,                  

The smell of cigarette smoke                

the newspaper the crossword your concentration your hair,                          

Horse racing wrestling golf football                      

the pools,                                      

Silent yet you commanded the front room                                    

your rules,                                    

All these years later                        

so many memories of you,                                    

So many different things                                  

and each one still like new,                    

From being there when I was ill                                          

your quiet comforting way,                                

To foot wars in the front room                        

i’m reminded of you every day,                            

Of all the people to have entered my life                          

you left the biggest light,                              

And even when I lost my way                                    

that light flickered just out of sight,                              

I never told you how much you meant                    

“feelings” the things I just don’t do,                      

But even though we weren’t flesh and blood                                          

your the meaning of the word dad yes you,                                      

That night I said I wanted to leave                        

i was in such a fucked up place,                

And then you said “Go on leave then, get out”                                          

i saw the hurt on your face,                                  

It kick started something within me                              

Something that never went away,                                        

And I knew before they told me                    

that the angels took you away,                                

I miss you yes I miss you                          

every single day….





~ Final thoughts…. ~



 The snow falls softly outside the bars                                  

inside the lightbulb hits with a glare,                                          

 Cuz theres no comforts here                                          

it’s void it’s barren it’s bare,              

 It’s christmas but                                    

no cards carols or love,                                    

 I don’t blame those that remember                                                                

 just accept all the hatred they shove,                    

 I hear the footsteps                                

out in the hall,                            

 I accept my fate                  

just stare at the wall,              

 Memories of                            

the times gone by,                  

 I don’t deserve the tear                            

that comes to my eye,                      

 These hands are murderous                  

these hands are mine,                

 Wish I could turn back forever                      

tick back time,                                

 The door it creaks                        

swings open wide,                                    

 The wardens face              

a grin he can’t hide,                                

 Get up and then walk                                          

down the corridor,                  

 To a cold hard trolley                

no warmth just law,                          

 Forgive me forgive me                  

dear lord I’ve said,                

 I didn’t mean                            

to shoot them dead,                  

 A bullet in their                  

brown haired heads,                            

 There was shouting screaming                                          

coherent thoughts I lacked,                      

 Then with gun in hand                    

i just attacked,                                  

 Blood everywhere                                          

blood bright red,                              

 Armed police screaming                                    

my babies dead,              

 I lay on the trolley                    

priest asks “Do you have a last word?”,                                      

 But my prayer begging for forgiveness                                              

will never be heard,                            

 This trolley is cold                            

no comfort no friend,                        

 And the acceptance of knowledge that with death                                

the pain won’t end….




“…. If a piece of writing makes the reader think….

…. Then the job of the writer is done….”






My son plays this game, you might of heard of it, in fact all my children play it but my son is  good at it. Its called Adventure Quest Worlds it’s an MMORPG. He was trying to do 2 different things last night ( and failing ), when he asked me if I could battle these monsters. Why not? So there I am killing skeletal warriors, skull warriors and undead infantry bringing down my sword ( The Tormenter), and they aren’t even the cool ones. Dage? His armour? And sword? Yup I most definitely want that outfit in my closet, and yep I’m  serious!! Anyway a little inspiration hits and….



A little thought….


~ Battle…. ~


Men men

so many men,

So tired and weary

and yet and then,

Cut and scarred

dented and bruised,

Bloody from battle

mercilessly used,

A pawn on the chessboard

a pawn in his hand,

You can’t kill the dead

that walk across this land….







I’m hopelessly helplessly                                            

falling into you,                                          

I see you everywhere I go                                          

and my dreams at night to,                                          

Thoughts of you they                      

swirl round my mind,                                

At the barbecue I looked up                                    

it’s your eyes I find,                                    

And some how and yet                                

you always know,                                

Leaning on the balcony looking at the ocean                            

turn your by my side it’s the little things that show,                                  

Your skin brushing against mine                                          

your arm around pulling me closer away from the ocean the skies,                        

The soft electric shocks you give off                                          

the depth of your eyes,                                          

You laugh your smile that look                                      

and I’m falling falling and you don’t let go,                                                

Your strength your warmth your fingers gently strumming against my back                          

your heartbeat the energy flow,                                                            

You whisper in my ear I smile totally caught up                                

in this moment of you,                                    

Here your arm around me on the balcony                                

our friends laughing chatting relaxing its true,                              

But all I see is the depth of your eyes                                              

and I’m falling

                              falling into the deep emotional depths,                            

        This moment,                                                    

                                       Just falling                        

                                                                       and you,

                                                                                             you don’t let go….                  





   It’s an old one but, I kinda like it….


If I was lost                  

would you take my hand,                    

Would you take me to                  

a promised land,                                

Would you hold me close                                  

don’t let me go,                                    

Capture my mind                

but let it grow,                        

If I gave you my heart                                            

would you hold it in your hand,                          

Would you wrap it in blue ribbon                                

would you bury it in the sand,                                                  

Would you                      

watch it glow,                                      

would you care for it always                                                  

would you watch it grow,                                

Let us walk in the water                                    

as we look high above,                                        

At a world full of angels                                          

singing with their love….




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