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Just me…. Again….

Well hello everyone! How are you all? Fab I hope.  🙂 X
To anyone that read my last post, I couldn’t find the specific purple pen I was after, so tonight, its just my thoughts to litter this page.
I text my cousin earlier and its made what was a good day into a fantastic one. He’s one of the few people on Earth who can make me not just smile but beam!
I hugs you so much Matthew, just so you know!
I’ve decided that tonight I am defo gonna be asleep before 3am, as I’m sick of the 2 to 4 hours of sleep I’ve  been getting these last couple of weeks. Tonight me and a bottle of J.D. Have a date. I’ve already started and am starting to feel warm. Yay! Sleep here I come!
Today I’ve been in one of those moods…. All housework done, kids at school, research for my essay completed ( now I just need to write it. ) it’s on classical Greek literature. Now what to do? Post on wordpress? Yup did that (the earlier post). Having a childish 5 mins, I decide to have some fun with companies that ring you back. now I’m told I sound like a five yr old on the fone and I’m forever getting asked if my mum is there, yeah, I know shot right? I can make it sound extra sweet to, my sister calls it my innocent voice! So I leave my details with a company on the net and wait for them to ring….
3 mins later I get a call….
Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello. Can I speak to your mum please?
Me: I’m sorry she isn’t here, she’s in London.
Caller: Oh. Okay. Do you know when she’ll be back? Can I speak to your dad then?
Me: My mum lives in London and my dad lives in Australia.
Caller sounding amused: Okay. Can I speak to the adult who is in the house with you?
Me: There aren’t any other adults in the house with me.      There is a 3 yr old with me. (not true, she’s not here.)
Caller sounding worried: So your on your own?
Me: Well I am big enough to look after myself you know.
Caller, with superviser in background: Are there any responsible adults about?
Me: Of course. Who do you think your talking to?
Caller, sounding puzzled: Can you go find Miss N…. T…… Please?
Me: Well who the hell did you think you were talking to?
Caller sounding pissed off: You sound like a kid.
Me: Well you sound stupid and you need to ask the right questions. Don’t they train you? Bet you feel like an idiot?!
Caller with superviser laughing his head off in background: Fuck you and good day mam.
I won’t shame the company…. Injury lawyers Remember just cuz you hear a young voice on the phone, don’t necessarily mean they are young. I’m 32!  😉

Okay I’m going to watch brain killing T.V. For awhile, its nearly 11pm.

Happiest of the happy  hugs to all of you.x.




We all have days like these….
Gosh I need some sleep!

Little thoughts pt 4….

….You took a piece of my heart on that day,
   and I never even realised….
      ….When I finally noticed,
         I wrote your name on the rest….

How at such a depth
can emotions you stir,
My thoughts they go sdrawkcab backwards
my mind in a whirr,
I forget my words
and I forget how to sell speel spell,
It`s the effect of you
and I`m affected so well,
I forget what I`m doing
and I do simple things wrong,
Things that should take little
take so very long,
I gaze into space day dreaming
this so will not do,
I guess I`m just affected
affected by you….


~ …. .. ….. ~

Once again his hands

around my throat,

The des-per-ation in

my eyes of note,

The beseeching plee

a barely audible rasp,

Pushes down harder

tightens his grasp,

Eyes cold void empty

to control is his need,

My screams horror fright

they stoke his fire they feed,

He grabs my hair

with fingers deft,

drags me off the bed

no dignity left,

Slaps hard i hit

the wall the floor,

He puts on his boots

then walks out the door,

The bruises bites rape

tell myself they don’t matter,

Cuz I’m in love with his smile

warmness laughter chatter,

I need to clean up this blood

clear up whats messed,

The marks I can hide

once I am dressed,

This doesn’t happen all the time

only on un-particular days,

My mobile it beeps

…. “I love you so deeply.” it says….


Domestic violence happens. I was told by a domestic violence support worker that the average woman will go back 62 times before finally leaving him either by walking away or by coffin. Makes you think doesn’t it? Of course I’m not tarring ALL men with the same brush…. There are some utterly fantastic men out there but, there are also blokes who are just scum. And don’t forget that there are women out there that think it’s fun to beat shit out of men.  It shouldn’t be a secret, it happens.

If you’ve read the above and you feel offended well, I’m sorry but, I’ve said before I write about everything.

If you want to leave a comment, be my guest but, NO nasty comments please. I’ve had some really really nasty comments writing poems/thoughts about domestic violence on other sites. Like I said before I don’t tar all men with the same brush. 99% of you are diamonds….

Hugs you all.x.x.

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