I feel fuckin empty

an empty shattered dream,

Self loathing and self doubt

reality shattered at the seam,

Across the room there is a mirror

pop two pills and step up to,

Slosh them down with whisky neat

drag my joint and step on through,

So barren and so empty

fuck this ain’t wonderland,

Shriveled grey and dark

yup just fuckin grand,

Walkin down a cracked path

sweets dished out by a clown,

Say thanks and then I look at him

his face is upside down,

Up ahead there is a forest

made by brambles bare,

Past that a hill lit from the other side

lightning strikes it there,

In the forest there is a beetle

he blocks the path what can I do,

I start to cry and he bawls

his mouth is how to get through,

Going up the hill the path it gets narrow

an rocks stones they all stick up,

Trip fall slash my leg open

on sharp edge foot stuck in a rut,

Look down expect to see blood

but there’s maggots and there’s slugs,

All this blackness just keeps pouring out

it’s all slimy so many bugs,

I stumble ever onwards

the hill my crest of a wave,

Fall through a trap door but landing softly

at last yes I shout save,

Snake venom in a bottle

drink and try your luck,

I can’t move my limbs

shit I’m so dam stuck,

Gust of wind I 

tumble out a door,

I’m not where I started

but I’ve been here before,

Bugs keep pouring

out my leg,

So many oh so many

cracking out their egg,

Stumbling down my new path

hear a high-pitched shrieking noise,

Turn a corner by a craggy tree

horrific mickey toys,

Eyes sat on his cheeks

nose is pouring red,

Meat cleaver in his four hands

bollocks it I’m dead,

Old freak face mickey

he sings me a song,

Everything spins

this is so wrong,

Open my eyes I’m

sat on the floor,

Whisky bottle upside down

balanced above the door,

The mirrors not there any more

instead a painted fairground,

Where my pills and joints

hold hands and dance around,

I grab the bottle off the table

swallow a handful of pills from once full hand,

Me and my joints I’m no longer empty

in un-wonder-fuckfaced-land….