Feeling your strong heartbeat

as you hold me close in your arms,

As we’ve talked the tears have welled

but your knowing voice it calms,

A song it plays in the background

its words I just don’t hear,

I know from the music it’s that song you like

and that though releases my tear,

You look at me probing

in your eyes the questions you ask,

Catching the tear

your thumb expertly at its task,

Outside the clock on the church

is chiming,

I have to go

even though it’s bad timing,

Get my coat head for the door

you implore but I say no,

You want me to stay

but I can’t I have to go,

Walk the short hall down the lift across the foyer out the door

this is hard these tears don’t lie,

I look up and your watching out the window

neither wants but we must our goodbye….



Inspired by to little sleep, by Fire after Dark by Sadie Matthews and To be loved by Train….