So it has become habit that I write exactly what I feel on a Sunday. This week I’m doing it on a Saturday as on Sunday I’m going to crawl into my little whole and live out the rest of my days as a hermit.

No seriously, it’s the 1st of September and I’ve already made a fuck up to the start of my month…. Ground just open up and swallow me….

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m drawing a line under/above (whichever) all my stresses, fuck ups, mistakes and stupidness of, lets just say the last month, and starting again. 🙂

I’m determined to start writing poems again and go back to letting the words flow in practising children s stories, I’m getting better at writing them slowly, well, at least other parents are thinking so!

My challenge to myself is to climb my next mountain ( metaphorically speaking) and when I get to the top? I’m gonna throw snowballs at you all….!!

So see you all monday and, I hope YOUR sunday is just utterly fantastic.

Most happiest of hugs ALL.x.x.