The flame


Burns bright

burns bright,

I touch and fall

from sight from sight,

A hallway walked down

footsteps in a daze,

From shadowed curtains misty morning light

shines through in a haze,

The memories of last night

laughter lips taste of wine,

Ghosts echo down the hall

be mine be mine,

Ties suits and long dresses

heels clatter down the hall,

Be careful on the staircase 

remember to breath don’t fall,

Misty morning light shines blue

stirs dust bunnies in a haze,

Footsteps stumble grasp the wall

mind memories thoughts in a daze,

Catch a glimpse in a mirror

whisper who are you,

Just a nobody the reply

an illusion to step through,

Down spindly spirally

staircase round,

Past the first floor

your in the basement underground,

The lights they glow

muted white and red,

Can’t remember but you’ve been here

feel with unease and dread,

End door to the right is open

look and your very essence faints dead,

It drips from the walls and ceiling

life blood so red,

Implements on a table

a story of horror screams panic widespread,

Move shouts your subconscious

but your legs are now lead,

A hand caresses your shoulder

warm breath on your head,

Holds a cloth to your mouth and nose 

as you slip into unconsciousness one last thought creeps under-spread, 

…. “Come back with me to my home.” He said. His dark eyes shining with an unspoken desire, hunger, need. He holds out his hand, which she takes, trustingly. ” I have very eclectic tastes…. Which I think you can fulfil….” He adds quietly….