Happy Sunday everyone!! Hello and how are you all? I hope your all just fabtastic!  🙂

Hmmm? Fabtastic…. It’s not in the dictionary but so many of us use it…. I wonder how many words slang or otherwise you use? I use a fair few, in fact more than I realised. I got caught out with my grammar on here yesterday, in a poem I don’t even like!! So I was thinking about my grammar in general and have gone back over stuff I have published on WP. Oh dear…. Nope the grammar is not good! So okay “Grounded Dictionary Swallower” ( <- That needs an abbreviation), Yes my grammar is actually not as good as it could/should be. Point well made “G.D.S.” and I, have taken notice.  🙂

Urs SenseSilly Whoops! I mean Yours Sincerely


Right! Idiocy gone mad done!

And if after reading this you should find a grammatical error? Well? Raspberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May everyone reading this have the most happy hugable  day, I hope it’s just fantabulas for you all.x.x.