( A little thought….)

Talking all these feelings

these feelings leave me raw,

I tried for truth but now feel intimidated

not felt this type of bad before,

Feel like I lit a fuse

and this bomb can do damage untold,

It can wreck friendships

and break relationships before they unfold,

The last thing I want is damage

as that can last for years,

So many unsavoury thoughts

now playing on my fears,

Me I’m just a screw up

but bought into this I should never be,

Just hope you know and understand

and you and him form a bond like it should be….


As always in life honesty is best…. But what if after being honest, you feel you did wrong?  I feel like a naughty kid caught picking the best most precious flowers before they bloom…. Its not so much what you do but the thought that you have screwed up something for someone else….

Okay so I don’t appear to be making sense but hey, this is my thought thrown at the keyboard…. and in its confused befuddled state…. To me it makes perfect sense…. Please ground swallow me up….?

I hope all of you out there at the other end of the wire are having a good day, a fantastic day…. sending you all happy hugs.x.