No brave white knight to guide me

no light to shine the way,

Shadows closing in on me

and still I kneel and pray,

I pray that your the one 

who can take me from this harm,

Save me from this pain and hurt

deliver me to calm,

I need your healing hands upon me

to help wash away my pain,

Your strength your arms around me

like sweet soft summer rain,

This turmoil deep inside of me

is begging for release,

The storm raging deep within my mind

radiates through my eyes with fury and unease,

I stand like I’m a predator 

locked with in a cage,

I smile but I am given away

my eyes they blaze with rage,

My horrific cascading nightmare

cares for neither creed nor class,

He batters my defences

 shatters my world like glass,

The wind howls and I’m left kneeling there

afraid and all alone,

I’m lost and just can’t find my way

I need your strength to help me find home….