Or laptop….tablet…mobile….

I’m known for coming out with sentences, words and ho-hums that are in the words of others strange. I thought I’d share a few….

Blooming H Apples = swear word.

Strawberryfied Apples = Swear word.

You melon turd = Swear word.

Parsnip head = swear word.

Chubalistically challenged = fat

Fluppin munchkin = Idiot.

Whoop-dee = Sarcastic remark.

Flell-le-flunt = a boisterous male.

Lel-le-flunt = a boisterous female.

Lull-air-e-us = Sarcastic “it’s funny”

Razburlerries. = Piss off.

Flaminn yakult = F*$king H%ll

Fantabalisstically = Feeling Super Fantastic!

Exsqueeeze me = excuse me.

Fluppin D-Oh D-Oh = stupid.

Cud Cud = cuddle/hug.

Nap Nap. = nappie or pull up.

Furball = cat

Zap Zap = remote

Mig Mog = cat.

Shaash = an object that is crap/shit/rubbish.

Fuck a duck = an exclamation!

Maannnkeeeee = Disgusting (Usually food).

Wuv Woo = Love you. (I only use the word love for my kids, other half, the rain or someone whose name is written on my heart.) ( Luv u is for friends and everyday use-for me-)

.x. = Hug.



Your the raindrop in my puddle.

I guess I’m an addict and your the fix I need.

I guess I fell in luv with the dream before I even met him.

Your my raincloud.

You are the only raindrop I need to make a rainbow.

I wuv woo till your full of  wickle sparkly bits.

OMGosh you are just sooooooo yum!

I must be chocolate cuz every time you come near me I just melt.


Ok so they aren’t exactly unique, and I most likely say loads more but don’t realize.

Anyway, Happy sunday Its half 6 in the evening so, happy whats left of your sunday!! 🙂

Happy hugs all.x.x.