Hi and happy Sunday to you!

Hey did you remember that today is the first of July?

It’s raining again outside and rain just makes me want to write (if I can’t get out in it!)  😉

Have any of you ever been to an air show? The Waddington  air show has been this weekend. I’ve never actually been myself but as I live so close to it I can tell you it was fantastic!! I know I should have taken pictures but when your looking skyward and saying “wow” and “gosh look at that” over and over, you forget about the camera on your wrist!

It’s really cool that I get to see the Red Arrows out practising a lot over Lincoln and it’s easy to spot those that don’t live in Lincoln as they stand and stare  and say “Oh look!” while walking across busy roads!!

I’ve been doing a lot of crafts these past few weeks and can’t wait to get my new sewing machine (yippee!).  Tuesday I’m off to get a new hot glue gun as mines now kaput 😦  And, I have just added a dremel  trio to my save for list.

My oldest is gonna be 13 next week and can’t believe it’s gone so fast. currently I am learning all about scooter parts as he wants to build his own  for his birthday. An interesting note to point out is that this is an expensive hobby! At the end it will be a unique scooter. I’ll add a picture when it’s all made.

I’m going to leave you all with a picture of my current craft inspiration. Hope you all have a happy huggable day and I’m sending you all a wish for a fantastic week ahead.x.