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Where’s the play button….?

Some people go through life at full speed, head down, intent on their goal. Some kick back relax and just let whatever happens, happen. Some are stuck in reverse their whole life. Some take it one day at a time. There are those of us that get up each morning with dread, and those that spring out of bed like they are some kind of jack-in-o-box (kids toy).

But what happens if you become stuck?  What if you can’t just “Pull yourself together….”. What if you aren’t depressed, what if you are happy, normal…. What do you do if  some unseen force presses pause? Where’s the remote to hit play again?

Thoughts anyone….?


~ Watching when you sleep…. ~


( A little thought…. )


I don’t know why

sometimes its just confusion,

Has me wondering 

if its an illusion,

I could lay for hours

and watch you sleep,

I wonder at the secrets

your dreaming mind does keep,

Your eyelids flutter

as you dream,

And I get to wondering

what’s it mean,

Your dreamstine


Only time

your never mine,

The time

your vulnerable,


even more lovable,

A slight frown

and I wonder what your thinking,

When I’m around you

sometimes I feel I’m sinking,

That around you I’m out of my depth

like your on a plateau above,

And I’m lowly insignificant

a lonely foxglove,

You move just a fraction

and slowly open your eyes,

Greeny-brown looks at me

like I’ve been wearing the ring of gyes*,

You smile and it disarms me

and my thoughts they disappear,

A warmness envelopes me

one I only get when you are near….




(  * Gyes. – noun –   Greek Mythology .

A shepherd who found a ring making its wearer invisible.Invited by the king of Lydia secretly to view his beautiful wife naked, Gyges was incited by her to kill the king and seize the throne. During his reign, allegedly, coinage was invented. )
So I’m back and I’m feeling a little better not 100% but enough so that I look half normal.
Happy hugs to ALL of you and hope your day is everything you want it to be!  😉



just a little hi….

Hi, Hope your all keeping well? Good!!  🙂

This post is just to say that I’m still about, I haven’t been well this past week and I still don’t feel any better now.

I’ve been walking around like some freaky zombie, sleeping a lot and when my mind isn’t clouded by painkillers reading.

No writing, no posting. I will be back when I’m feeling better. 🙂

Happy hugs to ALL of you and extra hugs on top of that!

Hope the new week is great for you ALL.


“Ooooooh, I can’t quiet reach them.” Says the 13 year old standing on his tiptoes.

“You don’t need those, there are biscuits in the cupboard.” Says his mum.

The 13 year old sighs and suddenly looks so much younger instead of so much older than his 13 years. He looks through the biscuits in the cupboard. “But there are no jammie dodgers in here.” He says, taking 2 large cookies and stuffing nearly a whole one in his mouth pouting.

“How old are you?”  Asks his mom?

“2.” He says walking out the door with an impish grin on his face….


Well “Hi!” and happy Sunday to you! How are you all? Fantastic I hope!! 🙂

It’s sunday again so it’s time for me to aimlessly write a post about…. well…. anything and everything!!

I spent friday night having very little sleep up reading a book and then reading another which I’m about half way through, so very tired, which, was made very obvious today at the market. My 3 yr old munchkin and I got back to the car first and as I had bought her an ice-cream, I sat her on the car bonnet so she could sit and eat. Feeling the gloriously warm sunshine ( we’ve had so much rain lately), My body wanted nothing more than the pleasure of sleep, while my mind,  tried it’s very hardest to concentrate on the munchkin sat next to me chattering away while eating ice-cream and, make my mouth work words in answers to her questions. Poor brain I do believe I have started to take it for granted, and I’m sure I can see my subconscious standing there with her hands on her hips like some washer woman waggling her finger at me saying “Don’t you think it’s time you started taking care of yourself? Oh yes, I forgot. Don’t know how to think do you!!” Evil subconscious!!  😉

The rest of today passes in a mindless blur of cleaning, washing, clothes folding, talking, playing with my children and cooking. which leads me to the incident with the balloon….

My eldest daughter went to her yr 6 school leavers disco on friday and bought a helium balloon home. On saturday she wrote MUM on it and declared it mine as she was sick of the munchkin trying to claim it. Now I understand where the munchkin is coming from…. A helium balloon is a magical mysterious thing, how does it go “up” all by its self? it seems to have a will of its own, why does it fly? The munchkin is mystified by this and, thinks that the best thing is to play with the magical friend balloon.

Today we give in and munchkin has spent the afternoon playing with balloon. Every time she lets go, balloon flies to the ceiling and then she stands on her play table and gets balloon down again. All of this is ok until the ribbon holding balloon comes free. Balloon now sits on the ceiling out of her and my reach. I stand on the edge of the settee and ask 13 yr old to just old my hand so I can stretch out enough to reach it. 13 yr old first says no then when I am distracted by over reaching his tickles me laughing his head off! As I fall off the settee he jumps on to it and not being tall enough, jumps to grab balloon, missing and sending balloon across the room towards the computer. Not to be outdone he climbs on to the computer chair, a leather swivel chair, can you guess what’s gonna happen?

Yup he jumps….

13 yr old does the biggest jump he can to get balloon and the computer chair leg snaps, 13 yr old goes flying on to me and knocks me over, we both jump up and all I can do is pee myself with laughter at the broken chair leg. His dad is gonna go absolutely mad and will throw an almighty paddy when he finds out. But 13 yr old has an idea! He gets his dads extra strong industrial tape and winds it around the broken leg. when all done it is sit-on-able again. He looks at me as if to say job done!! and says “don’t worry mum, dad won’t notice!”

So the question now is when will he notice? When he does, both 13 yr old and I will deny knowing anything about it as we secretly smile!  🙂

Well I hope the rest of your sunday is fantastic and, I wish you all luck and hugs for the coming week. Off to my sisters for the day tomorrow, she lives 75 miles away, I can’t wait, miss her loads!!!!!!!

Wow I do believe this is the most I have ever wrote on here!

Happy hugs all.x.

I wanna thank you….!

Happy friday the 13! I hope it’s going fab so far for you all? 🙂

Well I’m coming up for 150 posts now and I just wanted to thank you all. I follow about 160 people and I spend so much time reading on here, you all are so talented and I just wanted to thank a few people that give me great likes, fantastic comments and inspire me to keep going and push myself to write better.

First I want to thank Mr R. (  ) You’ve stuck with me along time and I luv your words.

Emily! ( ) You have gone back through my posts to all the stuff I posted when it was windows live space and every time you like a post I start beaming like a headlight! I just can’t thank you enough!

Dapoet, ( )       You kept me going when I wasn’t sure about my writing and I thank you loads for that!

Angel ( )Your comments are fantastic and amazing and I really appreciate them!!

boomiebol ( )  You are one of the most happy huggable people I have found on here, every time I read your posts I smile, smile, smile! 🙂 Hugs you.x.

Tom Lucas ( ) You inspire me in so many ways. I like that you have shared with us parts of your life and, I am looking forward to reading your book when finished. Keep posting on wordpress you are fantastic!

There are another 30 odd people that I could write about. I want you to know that you are all fantastic, And, if by chance  you haven’t been to one of the above blogs then go take a look, you might just think they are fab too!

Hope you all have the most fantastic of weekends and, I hope for all of you it is relaxing, stress free and full of smiles  🙂

Happy hugs all.x.


Whisper whisper                                

candle light,                                

Bare footsteps softly                            

in the night,                        

Warm breath                                

on barest shoulder dear,                                    

The heat from you                                            

so close so near,                                        

Warm hand cups                                  

nipple hardened breast,                                  

Kisses across                          

the shoulder and chest,                                          

Nibbles an earlobe                                        

stifles a groan,                                          

Bites on the neck                                              

shudder gasp moan,                              


on the landing quick,                                                  

Hide fast                                    

or my dad will see through the trick,                          

I sleep my back to the door                                                          

and dad hesitates as if to say,                                    

Looks around the bedroom                

closes the door walks away,                                              

Given you the back door key                                        

out the window you did climb,                                            

Your found in the kitchen glass of water                                          

you’ve not been caught this time,                                

Against our parents rules                                            

you and I are together,                                                

And although it’s forbidden by both families                                

we want it forever….      






So true….

Do you dream….?


~ Cute Guy, Old Guitar…. ~


Oh summer sunset sun                          

you light the sky on fire,                

The red the orange like a flame                              

you awaken our desire,              

The dusk it settles in                

as you go down low,                

The logs and pine cones in the fire pit                                  

help create the ambience the glow,                                            

The chatter and the laughter                              

the meal has been consumed,                            

Music playing in the background                                            

and drinking is resumed,                                                                    

Around the pool a man chases a woman                        

before throwing her in,                

Laughing some of us strip to our underwear                            

others dive for a swim,                                    

The more sane of us sit around the fire pit                                            

we laugh and talk and smile,                                        

A cute guy picks up his old guitar                                

and hums softly for awhile,                                

Enraptured we all sit quietly some drink some smoke relax                                                

he’s been strumming in his own world and looks up with a start,                                

All these eyes intently watching                              

captured every mind and every heart,                                

He starts again plays a melody                            

that tugs at every soul,                              

We all listen as he plays so passionately                                  

all of us connected all of us whole,                                            

The sun it leaves the sky                                    

the candles we do light,                            

The cute guy old guitar his heartfelt songs                          

to carry us further in to this night….






I can’t write a poem sing a love song                                        

think a thought,                          

This feeling that you give me                                    

it’s one that can’t be bought,                                            

My words they do escape me                                                    

a fire within me burns,                                                        

At your name I find it hard to breathe                                  

my stomach flips and turns,                    

And yet my words they do escape me                                 

until I just can’t write,                      

And not a single poem from pen to paper                                                              

the words are disappearing out of sight,                                                

So I can’t write a poem sing a love song                  

think a thought,            

This feeling you have given me                                                  

has left my poetic mind with nought,                                                                    

It’s empty and it’s bare                          

where once the words were many,                      

Is my poetic soul in hiding?                        

cuz words there just aren’t any….  





Or laptop….tablet…mobile….

I’m known for coming out with sentences, words and ho-hums that are in the words of others strange. I thought I’d share a few….

Blooming H Apples = swear word.

Strawberryfied Apples = Swear word.

You melon turd = Swear word.

Parsnip head = swear word.

Chubalistically challenged = fat

Fluppin munchkin = Idiot.

Whoop-dee = Sarcastic remark.

Flell-le-flunt = a boisterous male.

Lel-le-flunt = a boisterous female.

Lull-air-e-us = Sarcastic “it’s funny”

Razburlerries. = Piss off.

Flaminn yakult = F*$king H%ll

Fantabalisstically = Feeling Super Fantastic!

Exsqueeeze me = excuse me.

Fluppin D-Oh D-Oh = stupid.

Cud Cud = cuddle/hug.

Nap Nap. = nappie or pull up.

Furball = cat

Zap Zap = remote

Mig Mog = cat.

Shaash = an object that is crap/shit/rubbish.

Fuck a duck = an exclamation!

Maannnkeeeee = Disgusting (Usually food).

Wuv Woo = Love you. (I only use the word love for my kids, other half, the rain or someone whose name is written on my heart.) ( Luv u is for friends and everyday use-for me-)

.x. = Hug.



Your the raindrop in my puddle.

I guess I’m an addict and your the fix I need.

I guess I fell in luv with the dream before I even met him.

Your my raincloud.

You are the only raindrop I need to make a rainbow.

I wuv woo till your full of  wickle sparkly bits.

OMGosh you are just sooooooo yum!

I must be chocolate cuz every time you come near me I just melt.


Ok so they aren’t exactly unique, and I most likely say loads more but don’t realize.

Anyway, Happy sunday Its half 6 in the evening so, happy whats left of your sunday!! 🙂

Happy hugs all.x.x.

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