~ She’s so confused~

I wanna tell you how I feel about you

how in my life I want you,

I get on a merry-go-round

get off at the exit dam it’s you so unfair but true,

I wanna hate you

cuz I’m scared of getting hurt,

But then I feel bad I feel like shit

I treated you like dirt,

I know how to annoy you push your buttons

it’s not you its everyone its me,

I need these 4 walls and your locked outside the door

just can’t let go of the pain in the past the let downs I need a little free,

Honestly I want your friendship conversations

but deep inside my fear says you can’t stay,

I’m afraid of losing you….

….You say you don’t forgive…. That never leaves my mind….

I want you….your friendship in my life

but every time you get close I’m going to push you away,

How much more you gonna take before

forever is where your gonna stay….?


…. …. …. ….

You need to sort yourself out girl, not every one is gonna hurt you, not every one is gonna let you down…. Your never gonna be happy unless you let go of the past a little…. You never should forgive them but if you forget just a little….maybe you wont be expecting the hurt all the time…. Your shy, serious and rational. But those that know you? Your funny, kind, caring, passionate, sensitive, and so deep no-one could ever find the bottom. You are loved so much, you just don’t realise….