WOW! And double wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to thank you all. ALL of you that follow me. I started writing on here properly on the 4 Th of  February before that I hadn’t  used wordpress only the windows lives spaces (except the post to say I was gonna use wordpress!).  I started on here with just 1 follower (MR R!!!! Big Hugs You.x.), and, I never thought I was gonna be very good looking at all the other people that write on here. Well I am shocked and proud and yup I WAS speechless to come on here and find that my total followers is now…. 100!!!!

I just wanted to thank you all and say that you all make me smile 🙂 every time I get a like, comment or follow I’m like a headlight…. I beam!!

So thank you all, you all mean a lot to me 🙂

Hugs to you ALL.x.x.x.x.