Your still here? Still following me? Wow, thank you so much!! Well I’m back (obviously)<- That is not an easy word to spell.  😦

So I’ve not picked up the pen much since I’ve been away from here, I have talked a lot, thought a lot  and done so many other things…. I wanted to start again on here and for this post apart from saying thank you for still being here I want to add a photo of this….

This is a book written by my nan. I never got to meet her and she died when I was young. She used to make up stories for her children and the animals were based on them. After she died they had her stories published and this is the book.

It wasn’t easy but I ended up finding 4 on the net and they were in…. Germany, France, Canada and the UK.

I feel really proud that I’m related to someone who had a creative streak in them and I would like to find out more about her.

Well Thanks for reading and more importantly for staying!  🙂

Happy hugs to you all.x.

PS:- Sorry it’s on it’s side, every time I put it upright, it flips itself over again!

A book of short stories by Marie. G. Tansell.