I wanna lay down beside you                                    

and watch you as you sleep,                                

I wanna watch as you give the barest smile                                      

and wonder at the dreams you keep,                        

I want to hold your hand                    

lay in the comfort of your arms,                        

Lay in your sea of tranquility                            

and feel a strength that calms,              

I want to breathe in your sent                                  

a sent that makes me feel at home,                                  

I want to keep your shirt when I am away                          

so I never feel alone,                      

There’s something about you                        

that’s got deep inside,                                    

It’s something I’m afraid of                                  

and yet gives me pride,                                  

One day I’ll tell you                            

how I feel,                                    

And until then I’ll pretend              

my feelings aren’t real….


….For _ _ _ ….All these years…. If you don’t tell them you’ll never know…x.