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~ In the garden…. ~

The swift he flies                                        

up to the sky,                              

Up past the clouds              

on by on by,                                  

Grey and white clouds                                

pass over head,                                          

Pursued by the wind                                        

they quickly fled,                                        

Like thunder                                      

a Red Arrow passes low,                                      

Then somersaults in the sky                

as it puts on a show,                    

The daises shiver in the wind                      

then a glimpse of the sun,                                

The field a spellbinding sea green                                  

then the magic’s undone,                                    

The children they bounce                                

on the trampoline,                                    

Their own world their own story                                

a sight to be seen,                            

Grey cat sleeps under a bush                              

under a tree on the ground,                          

A warm soft spot                                                    

so comfy he has found,                                            

In the garden at ease                      

a bit of peace and tranquillity,                                          

So calming to be out here                                      

my own little world just me….    



~ To stay untitled. ~

~ She’s so confused~

I wanna tell you how I feel about you

how in my life I want you,

I get on a merry-go-round

get off at the exit dam it’s you so unfair but true,

I wanna hate you

cuz I’m scared of getting hurt,

But then I feel bad I feel like shit

I treated you like dirt,

I know how to annoy you push your buttons

it’s not you its everyone its me,

I need these 4 walls and your locked outside the door

just can’t let go of the pain in the past the let downs I need a little free,

Honestly I want your friendship conversations

but deep inside my fear says you can’t stay,

I’m afraid of losing you….

….You say you don’t forgive…. That never leaves my mind….

I want you….your friendship in my life

but every time you get close I’m going to push you away,

How much more you gonna take before

forever is where your gonna stay….?


…. …. …. ….

You need to sort yourself out girl, not every one is gonna hurt you, not every one is gonna let you down…. Your never gonna be happy unless you let go of the past a little…. You never should forgive them but if you forget just a little….maybe you wont be expecting the hurt all the time…. Your shy, serious and rational. But those that know you? Your funny, kind, caring, passionate, sensitive, and so deep no-one could ever find the bottom. You are loved so much, you just don’t realise….


WOW! And double wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to thank you all. ALL of you that follow me. I started writing on here properly on the 4 Th of  February before that I hadn’t  used wordpress only the windows lives spaces (except the post to say I was gonna use wordpress!).  I started on here with just 1 follower (MR R!!!! Big Hugs You.x.), and, I never thought I was gonna be very good looking at all the other people that write on here. Well I am shocked and proud and yup I WAS speechless to come on here and find that my total followers is now…. 100!!!!

I just wanted to thank you all and say that you all make me smile 🙂 every time I get a like, comment or follow I’m like a headlight…. I beam!!

So thank you all, you all mean a lot to me 🙂

Hugs to you ALL.x.x.x.x.

lone wolf


Footsteps crunch                                                

on fresh fallen snow,                            

The wild river frozen                                      

though underneath there’s still flow,                            

Far below freezing                        

though wind there is none,                            

Stunning white blinds                            

with a glimpse from the sun,                                      

Pine trees boughs laden                            

all heavy and white,                      

A lone wolf laying staring                          

a spectacular sight,                                    

He snorts a breath                                    

in the crisp cool air,                        

Then lets out a howl                                        

that freezes all there,                      

He pads softly off                                        

into the night,                          

And leaves you proud to have pictured                                    

this wondrous sight….



Picture from:-

~ Rain…. ~

~ A feeling….My feeling…. ~


Rain falls down                                

in a steady beat,                                

The cats look to the sky                                        

then make a hasty retreat,                                    

But me                                    

my skin just comes alive,                                      

It’s like it was dormant                                          

but with the rain it does thrive,                                          

Standing at the back door                                  

feet getting wet already,                                    

Slowly step into the rain                                    

its getting harder but yet steady,                                

The drops like ice fire                        

they turn me on burn my skin,                                                

Make me gasp shiver shudder                                

awakens something within,                                      

Rain so hard it hit and bounces                                          

off the trampoline and patio,                                  

For this moment I’m outside of time just me and the rain                                  

but too soon I have to go,                                              

Go back in the house                                

get dressed got things to do,                                

Loving this moment stood in my jammies                                          

strappy top soaked thoroughly wet through,                              

There’s something about standing there                             

in the pouring rain,                            

It washes and refreshes                          

makes things new and not the same….                      





~ The clearing…. ~


Stars they shine                                    

on the lake so bright,                                    

Stardust on the water                    

bringing luminescence to this night,                                        

Faeries fly in and out of the dust                                              

as it does fall,                      

Its branches drink the water                              

the willow elegant and tall,                                                

The smell of  chestnut oak, silver birch                                        

and damp soil fill the air,                                

A spider cocoons a moth                    

with never a care,                                    

A symphony by the crickets              

plays at the oak trees base,                                        

A family of bats they listen quietly                                      

eyes closed serene of face,                              

An owl sits on the highest branch                              

looking for a midnight snack,                                                

He spies a small mouse scurrying                        

and with a swoop is on the attack,                          

A lone doe drinks at                              

the waters edge,                            

The stag on the look out                        

stands near the hedge,                                    

Baby bunnies jump in clover                      

some stand and sniff the air,                            

Their mother makes a noise                      

a warning to beware,                            

A magpie flies in                                    

beak full of silver stardust,                                      

To own the things that sparkle                                    

for him is a must,                                              

A male thrush twitches                                        

in his nest,                              

The female keeps their eggs covered                      

but nestles into his chest,                              

The moon shines in this clearing                                

captures this rare sight,                                        

Softest breeze echoes barest words                                         

as mother nature says goodnight….    



Well Hi There….

Your still here? Still following me? Wow, thank you so much!! Well I’m back (obviously)<- That is not an easy word to spell.  😦

So I’ve not picked up the pen much since I’ve been away from here, I have talked a lot, thought a lot  and done so many other things…. I wanted to start again on here and for this post apart from saying thank you for still being here I want to add a photo of this….

This is a book written by my nan. I never got to meet her and she died when I was young. She used to make up stories for her children and the animals were based on them. After she died they had her stories published and this is the book.

It wasn’t easy but I ended up finding 4 on the net and they were in…. Germany, France, Canada and the UK.

I feel really proud that I’m related to someone who had a creative streak in them and I would like to find out more about her.

Well Thanks for reading and more importantly for staying!  🙂

Happy hugs to you all.x.

PS:- Sorry it’s on it’s side, every time I put it upright, it flips itself over again!

A book of short stories by Marie. G. Tansell.

The hallway lit                            

by candlelight,                                      

Dark shadows flicker                                  

in the night,                          

The web weavers on                          

the window sill,                              

The draft that comes creeping                                      

gives such a chill,                                  

A shadow standing                              

at the end of the hall,                              

A woman in a hospital gown                                        

ever so tall,                                                

She stared with eyes                                  

as black as night,                                  

Looked deep in my soul                                      

with malice and fright,                                                

Slowly I just                                  

backed away,                                          

Turned ever so slowly                                          

without delay,                      

I reached the stair                            

and with a fright,                                          

A man was hanging                          

from the ceiling light,                                      

His eyes looked on                                        

from an empty soul,                                        

Dark eyes you could drown in                                                  

those eyes could capture you whole,                                              

Slowly I crept                        

down the stair,                                                          

Each creak like thunder                                            

telling the dead I was there,            

At the foot of the stair                                          

 lay the dining room,          

Where shadows move around                                          

seen in spite of the gloom,                                                  

To the right                                          

there is the study,                                      

A man was killed there                            

known affectionately as Buddy,                                        

 I opened the door                                    

can’t believe what I see,                                      

A total massacre                    

lay before me,                              

Blood spatter                      

across the ceiling and walls,                    

His head lolls to one side                              

where more blood falls,                            

His neck slit viciously                              

 from above,                                          

It was his wife the villain                              

she was incapable of love,                                                        

Turn and slowly                                  

towards the kitchen I go,                                      

My footsteps are heavy                          

and ever so slow,                                      

This house is alive                                      

it feeds off a persons clean soul,                                      

It will grind you down slowly                                      

then suck you up whole,                        

Past the woman at the sink                              

her insides hanging out,                                    

Multiple stab wounds                                  

yet she didn’t shout,                                        

Her husband a drunkard                                        

control freak insane,                                      

She had smiled at a delivery man                                        

 that was her crime her end game,                                            

Out the back door I go                            

as fast as can be,                                

Of this house and this nightmare                                          

I need to be free,                                

But the house has left it s mark                            

got it s hands on my soul,                                    

And as I’m hit by a car                                                          

it greedily swallows me whole…. 





~ Bedtime Story…. ~

At bed time I often make something up for my children, a poem, a story, something. I’m sharing this little one with you all. It’s not the best, far from it but, they liked it.

I dream’t  of my aunt

she wanted a kiss,

I gave a big shudder

I wish I could miss,

Walking on a chessboard

I stood beside a knight,

The air around him deadly

imagine my sheer fright,

So scared I ran

across the board,

A battle around me

as each side fought and scored,

Stepping through the shrubbery

I entered a hollow clearing,

And then a deafening noise

just what could I be hearing,

A giant bird swooped down

it’s talons all bright red,

Shouting I awoke

as I tumbled out of bed,

I thundered down the hallway

into my parents room,

Dad snoring my mom sleeping

as I looked into the gloom,

I heard a creak in the hall and scrambled

over my dads feet,

Up beside my mom

and with a warm hug she did greet,

Just as I was feeling safe

I felt something creeping up my thigh,

And as I was….

….about to shriek….

mom said “Anthony! Your scaring your brother…. Why?”




As my boys like to play tricks and scare one another this gives giggles and the phrases “Yeah and it was me that scared you!” “You just wait till your asleep, I’m gonna get you”. And others. Followed by more laughter.  🙂



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