Yup! I totally made another fuck up!

I sent a friend an email,  And they sent a longer one back. I can’t say what they wrote as, it’s personal and I wouldn’t do that to them. I got thinking about their email and sent them a text to ask if their voicemail was on. you may think that’s a bit mad but, in all the years we’ve text msn’ed and emailed, we’ve never spoken.

So getting back to it….Their phone is ringing and I have thought about exactly what I’m gonna say AND…. Their voicemail clicks in and the automated woman on it totally freaks me out, and  makes me forget I was gonna say!

They will at some point read this and most likely laugh(I think by now they’ve realized yes I have lost the plot!).

So to this person….

I don’t think your a nut! I think you are very kind and considerate. I think you should just go for it and put your happy face on, the worst that could happen is a no. and no’s don’t hurt! I wish you luck! I don’t think you’ll need it! But, I wish you it anyway! A super big hug sent to you!

Take care, your very loopy friend, Naomi.x.


AND! To everyone out there at the other rend of the wire…. I hope the rest of your monday if the best it can be for you! Right now I’m off as I do believe the sunshine has gone to my head and made me even loop-ier than usual!!

Happy hugs all.x.