The soldier made me think of you,

How you said we could dream anything and if we believed, it could come true,

 The tiny metal soldier you said put it in your pocket,

Every time I need strength, that soldier will be there,

My strength and my courage are like that soldier,

You said,

Like that soldier,

Every time the battle seems lost and it seems like I’ve fallen,

Like the soldier I stand up again and get through it,

You said I should always keep that soldier,

I said I would send it to you so you could fight your armies,

You laughed I smiled,

That little soldier became a meaning,

I found that metal soldier today,

Found it when it mattered,

When I needed the courage,

The strength,

I found that soldier and smiled….




For my dearest friend Pelle Olsson, all these years you have been there for me good and bad.

  As always take care and sending hugs your way.x.