Come with me to the big oak tree

we’ll sit under the sky,

The sun shines down through lazy breeze

as we watch the dragonfly,

The blades of grass

all shades of green,

Some ladybugs and

a cricket unseen,

On this hill as we lay

back relax and close our eyes to cloudless sky,

A gentle breeze through dappled shadows

makes the big tree sigh,

As I lay here next to you dear friend

I contemplate on why,

5 minutes out

from our busy lives,

Demanding partners

children wives,

5 minutes to listen

to the oak tree sigh,

5 minutes to look

at the cloudless sky….

The great thing about good friends is you don’t always need conversation…. Sometimes just being with them in the quietness….the stillness……..   Just take 5 minutes….