If you haven’t read what I posted before this, my Sparks done a runner and I had asked if you see it, please could you give it a kick up the ….! And send it home?

I received this text this morning from a friend in Moscow….

“Good morning dear friend! I have news to make you smile

After reading your post on Word press I kept my eyes open for your SPARK. While walking through the AIRPORT I thought I saw a glimmer and as I followed I saw, YOUR SPARK

I was to late to catch it as it has boarded a plane. So sorry I did not catch where the plane was headed but I would have been late for my own plane.  S. xx ”

I had to smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lovely Mr S. your sense of humor is fab!!!!

So it appears that my spark has been seen, now just need it to get it’s ass home!!

Happy hugs to you all.x.

PS: – I wonder what plane it got on?