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~ Hooked ~

(Junkies Love)


Loved you then                    

love you still,                          

Always have                                      

always will,                                              

But I hate you I hate you cuz I know I’m          

always gonna love you,                                  

No-one can match or be                          

above you,                              

No matter what I’ve done in life                    

these feelings remain,                                      

And never different                                  

always the same,                    

Only stronger,                          

And takes me longer,                                    

Longer to disguise des-par-ately                            

try to hide,                        

Try to hide these feelings                              

for so long,                      

Always said                    

that they were wrong,                                              


your always there,                                

And me I’ll                            

always care,                          

Care that I’m still loving you                                            

the way I do….               




Across the lines                                  

the lines that span our religions,                      

Our religions why’d they come with                  

so many conditions,                          

Our parents hate each other                            

their at war,                            

But why                              

what on earth are we still fighting for,                                              

I’m sick of lying                            

and deceit,                        

We’re both so jumpy                                      

when we meet,                        

Don’t want to cause dishonor                                            

hurt or shame,                                            

And yet I love you                                  

just the same,                                

Being without you                        

tears me apart,                              

Yet this dishonor                                  

breaks my heart,                                        

I want to make      

my family proud,                    

But don’t want to walk                                

with their selected crowd,                                    

And so in secret                                      

we do meet,                                

Look the other way                                  

should we chance in the street,                      

Our families would disown us                                  

if they knew,                                        

But that doesn’t change your love for me                                

or mine for you….





….Love has no race, no color, no creed, Love doesn’t care the color of your skin, Love doesn’t care whether you read from the Torah, Quran(Koran), or Bible….

….Love has no boundaries….


~ .. …. ~

Sometimes I feel                            

if I could just bleed,                          

It would take away this hurt                        

this need,                                    

Life is a bunch                                      

of tiny thread,                                

And when they all break                        

you end up dead,                    

Choosing the way                                    

with so many mistakes,                              

I push and push                            

until it all breaks,                                        

Holding the knife                                

against my skin,                                

Then the pain slips out                      

and I’m better within,                                    

Lying on a towel                                

on the floor,                                    

I gaze at the window I                                            

see outside the door,                            

The pain makes me realize                                          

this is me I’m real,                                              

And gives the warm fuzzy feeling                                    

I long to feel,                                

This is a happiness                        

that I can keep,                                                  

At last I smile                                  

as I find peaceful sleep….

The title of this was originally called ~ To Late ~


Yup! I totally made another fuck up!

I sent a friend an email,  And they sent a longer one back. I can’t say what they wrote as, it’s personal and I wouldn’t do that to them. I got thinking about their email and sent them a text to ask if their voicemail was on. you may think that’s a bit mad but, in all the years we’ve text msn’ed and emailed, we’ve never spoken.

So getting back to it….Their phone is ringing and I have thought about exactly what I’m gonna say AND…. Their voicemail clicks in and the automated woman on it totally freaks me out, and  makes me forget I was gonna say!

They will at some point read this and most likely laugh(I think by now they’ve realized yes I have lost the plot!).

So to this person….

I don’t think your a nut! I think you are very kind and considerate. I think you should just go for it and put your happy face on, the worst that could happen is a no. and no’s don’t hurt! I wish you luck! I don’t think you’ll need it! But, I wish you it anyway! A super big hug sent to you!

Take care, your very loopy friend, Naomi.x.


AND! To everyone out there at the other rend of the wire…. I hope the rest of your monday if the best it can be for you! Right now I’m off as I do believe the sunshine has gone to my head and made me even loop-ier than usual!!

Happy hugs all.x.




The soldier.

The soldier made me think of you,

How you said we could dream anything and if we believed, it could come true,

 The tiny metal soldier you said put it in your pocket,

Every time I need strength, that soldier will be there,

My strength and my courage are like that soldier,

You said,

Like that soldier,

Every time the battle seems lost and it seems like I’ve fallen,

Like the soldier I stand up again and get through it,

You said I should always keep that soldier,

I said I would send it to you so you could fight your armies,

You laughed I smiled,

That little soldier became a meaning,

I found that metal soldier today,

Found it when it mattered,

When I needed the courage,

The strength,

I found that soldier and smiled….




For my dearest friend Pelle Olsson, all these years you have been there for me good and bad.

  As always take care and sending hugs your way.x.



~ Honey Trap…. ~

Your words fall through                      

the wire,              

And gosh your such                        

a liar,                  

You say your alone            

but I know your taken,                              

You think I’m falling for you                        

but your mistaken,                                  

You say your life                          

is dark and grey,                          

That talking to me is your sunshine                                          

it makes your day,                                

Tonight you said                          

you think your falling in love,                                        

That I must be an angel                            

sent online from above,                                      

All the dirty photos                                                        

you have sent,                                            

And the money on the flowers                                      

and champagne to my “house” you’ve spent,                                                              

And then there are                                    

the calls texts and emails,                                                      

Your like a slug                                          

you leave so many trails,                                                    

Away at another “conference”                              

at the hotel we’ll have dinner,                                                  

Well it ain’t me your meeting                                            

you lying cheating sinner,                                                        

You will say I mean nothing I’m a stalker                                      

set out to ruin your life,                                              

But she already has all the proof                                                  

your smart stunning wife….    





~ Safety zone…. ~

The storm does rage                            

the wind does howl,                              

Darkness lingers                        

deaths on the prowl,                      

Standing on the                                            

jagged ledge,                    

I can’t reach its to far                                                

over the edge,                                      

I just can’t reach                                    

the safty zone,                                            

There’s a danger here                            

an undertone,                              

This place it is                        

an endless night,                                        

All around there are screams                                    

of bloodcurdling fright,                    

On my travels I have seen                                    

never a soul,                        

This place is deathly                                    

unclean unwhole,                                          

So small in distance                                              

from the safety zone,                                              

Yet never have I felt                                  

so utterly alone….







I am soooooo happy today that this morning (it’s 8:44am), I am just gonna say….

Good morning everyone and I hope you have a fantastic Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy hugs all.x.




Just me!

Posted a few poems today and now I’m gonna leave you with a few pictures….


This is a bottle of Tymbark apple and mint, they always have something written under the lid. As always I rather foolishly ask the bottle a question before I pull the lid back, usually the answer is totally unrelated to the question.  Total shock last night when the answer was near perfect to my question!

If you haven’t tried this drink before, its yummie!

Happy hugs all and may the rest of your wednesday be utterly fantastic!!





And so it started                                        

with a snowball fight,                                          

When I threw snow at you                              

way past midnight,                                      

You’d got home from work                                              

not long before,                                    

Been in less than 5 minutes                                                  

then back out the door,                                                    

“It’s snowing.” you said                                                            

as you looked at me,                                                    

I moved to the back door                                                                        

so I could see,                                                    

I looked up at the sky                                                                    

couldn’t believe my eyes,                                            

Never seen flakes so big                                                

fall from the skies,                                                

I made a big snowball                                  

threw it at you,                                                              

You gasped at the cold                                                        

but smiled to,                                                    

You closed the door                                                                    

chased me in the snow,                                                  

Made a big ball                                  

ready to throw,                                                            

I ran at you                                                    

try’ed to pull you down,                                        

You lost your balance fell on me                                  

on the snow on the ground….




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