Tears fall slowly down her face                                  

he wipes them away with gentle hand,                                                  

She looks up at him                                                      

he doesn’t understand,                                                            

Where did these feelings come from?                          

looks at her lashes wet,                                              

His mind his body pulled to her                                                

their from to totally different worlds and yet,                                                                                  

Cups her face                                          

in his hands it’s his kiss,                                                                        

Feels something deep within him                                                  

 is this whats called heartbeat miss?                                                      

She gives herself completely                                                      

he feels it on her lips,                                                                

A sensation an electricity she gives off                                        

from her hands on his neck on his shoulder through his hands laid on her hips,

The only observers to this moment                                              

are time and the rain,                                                      

Time it keeps on ticking                                                                            

and raindrops run down the window pane….


For  ……..  written with love….Hope it works out for you, you deserve the best.x.x.