I haven’t been here in a few days, even though I’ve wanted to be….

I’ve had so many words going round my head and tried to start far to many different poems in an effort to get my head just a tiny bit clearer of words….It’s not working! Maybe it’s that for nearly a week now I’ve been averaging about 2 and half hours sleep a night? Tonight I decided  hot bath, candles, a bottle of JD, a book and maybe a good horror/action film. hopefully it will lead to a good nights sleep and maybe I will dream these unwanted words away to find fresh ones in the morning? Maybe….Just maybe….

I hope all of you out there at the other end of the wire have a truly special weekend full of all the things that make you happy….Me? I will spend my weekend with the people I care for most….My 6 children and my partner.

Happy hugs all.x.