Never to see

your smiling face,

No longer will

my heartbeat race,

Look in your eyes I will

no more,

And thoughts of you will be

gone like before,

Never again bewitched

by your gaze,

And no more thoughts of you

will my mind craze,

You hurt and hurt

you hurt me bad,

You cheating lowlife

your nothing but sad,

Screwing her

till she couldn’t walk,

Your mates were disgusted

by your bragging talk,

And now shes dumped you

for someone new,

You just don’t know

what to do,

All those years

we spent together,

You said

it was you and me forever,

Now you want me

to take you back,

Saying it was my fault you done it

i should cut you some slack,

Well I’m telling you now

i don’t want you back,

And the last of your things

i’m going to pack,

I don’t want your teddies your flowers

or your cheap champagne,

And the cards and texts saying I love you

well from you there just lame,

I don’t care where you go

just don’t include me,

Cuz I’m better than this

and without you I’m happy….