Endlessly wondering,

Endlessly hoping,

Endlessly thinking

oh gosh I’m sinking,

Don’t want to feel this way but

but I do,

I hate the fact

I’m into you,

Cuz in my head

back in your bed,

Just not fair

your not there,

It’s not the same

it’s just a game,

This kinda hurt

it’s such a pain,

Don’t like this feeling try to hit re-fresh don’t work

wanna feel all clean like the streets after the rain,

Endlessly running


why always running?

That deep seated need

to run away,

Can’t face these thoughts

this life today,

Look in the mirror

what do I see,

A shadow a ghost

someone else not me,

Feel I’m sitting

in a cage,

In a vortex

an endless rage,

Want to start again

on a clean page,

Wheres the magician

find me a mage,

So I’m closing

all the doors,

Fell through a hole

and dropped through floors,

Climbing down

the endless stair,

Wheres the bottom

it isn’t there,

Scream and scream

till I lost my voice,

I can’t stay here

I got no choice,

And then I  see

him standing there,

Laughing cuz he

doesn’t care,

My heart it stops

forgets to beat,

Your the one nightmare

I’m afraid to meet,

Look at you

on your deathly steed,

You like to chase

it fills your need,

So I start running

running, running, running,

And you

give chase,

At this

your ace,

Wake to the sound

of my own screams,

When will they stop

these demented dreams,

Look out the window

breaking dawn,

Time to get up

it is the morn,

You will chase me

again tonight,

You always stay

where there’s no light….