Have you ever just not been able to sleep, no matter how much you try? Have you ever just sat there and stared at the t.v. not really taking it in any more lost in an exhausted  thought cuz all your mind wants to do is sleep? Well the film I had on was “Girl interrupted” 

This is what I ended up writing….

That girl your mama

told you to stay away from?

Yep that girl

is me,

Never gonna make life easy

I’m full of surprises you see,

Enter your life in an

explosion of rain,

And when I think  your getting to close

bang I’m gone again,

I’ll stir up trouble

play with your mind,

Your emotions a toy

what else can I find,

I’ll flip your world

upside down,

But in the process so many smiles

never frowns,

A ticking timebomb

you’ll think life’s good

And thats cuz I am

so misunderstood,

When you try to get close

I’ll push you away,

Cuz I don’t like trust

and you ain’t here to stay….

See kinda strange hey?  Note to self…. Don’t pick up the pen at 4 in the morning….

Happy hugs all.x.