Sometimes in this world we go so fast we end up walking with our eyes closed….

Yup that sounds like a really stupid sentence…. But is it?

At times it comes as no surprise we can’t stand still and open our eyes, how many of us really look around, we think we’re higher than common ground, When you walk down the street tell me what do you see? The homeless man? the war hero? the deformed drug addicts baby? You walk into the shop, the assistants just the same but look closer shes been crying, her husbands cheating again…. She really wants to leave him, stand on her own 2 feet, but shes got kids, bills and a mortgage, she just can’t make ends meet.  The old man that’s getting intimidated by a group of laughing lads, you smile as you carry on your way cuz them lads they ain’t all bad. The old man he goes home, hes frightened and afraid, Hes fought in 2 wars, used to be a strong man, but with age that’s on the fade…. Go home and look in the mirror, tell me “What do you see?” Do you see someone who don’t give a shit, someone who thinks they are free? In this world we live by the rules the rules set by the state  , its about time we stood up for ourselves and the weak…. stood up before its to late….

You know Mr R. Sometimes you put some random thought in my head and I only get rid of it by pouring words on paper….!!

Hugs all.x.