Wander across the meadow

your footsteps treading light,

Quietly you go

you hopes and dreams take flight,

Tiptoe through

the warm long grass,

To the ancient oak tree

through its magical door you pass,

Walking up the

apricot steps,

Speckled with iridescent

and golden flecks,

And now across

the marble floors,

Soft light casts a glow

from under huge oak floors,

Reach the doors

and then your through,

The enchanted music

enraptures you,

His arm now round you waist

you start to sway,

You don’t realize you dance

the night away,

It seems not long

the giant clocks they chime,

The night is over

your out of time,

You know that when it becomes night

you will be here once more,

For your heart has been captured

by the music of lore….