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A thought inspired by Mr R. !!

Sometimes in this world we go so fast we end up walking with our eyes closed….

Yup that sounds like a really stupid sentence…. But is it?

At times it comes as no surprise we can’t stand still and open our eyes, how many of us really look around, we think we’re higher than common ground, When you walk down the street tell me what do you see? The homeless man? the war hero? the deformed drug addicts baby? You walk into the shop, the assistants just the same but look closer shes been crying, her husbands cheating again…. She really wants to leave him, stand on her own 2 feet, but shes got kids, bills and a mortgage, she just can’t make ends meet.  The old man that’s getting intimidated by a group of laughing lads, you smile as you carry on your way cuz them lads they ain’t all bad. The old man he goes home, hes frightened and afraid, Hes fought in 2 wars, used to be a strong man, but with age that’s on the fade…. Go home and look in the mirror, tell me “What do you see?” Do you see someone who don’t give a shit, someone who thinks they are free? In this world we live by the rules the rules set by the state  , its about time we stood up for ourselves and the weak…. stood up before its to late….

You know Mr R. Sometimes you put some random thought in my head and I only get rid of it by pouring words on paper….!!

Hugs all.x.


~ M.P. ~

Heart it cuts like broken glass,

You’ve been hurt its in the past,

Touch you it will be no more,

You won’t let people through hearts door,

For everyone you push away,

Will you let no person stay?

You down a can another too,

Numb the pain don’t let it through,

You hide your pain behind a mask,

You treat each day like its a task,

Suicidal thoughts entwine,

Another beer don’t drink wine,

Sometimes you need to let life go,

Get rid of your anger let the pain flow,

At the moment you just live life with a why,

As you carry on pushing people and saying goodbye….

A little thought….


Sometimes I need to pay more attention! Holding the phone in my hand i didnt realise I was deleting comments   😦  Bad me!   Night all.x.

~ Enchanted Music ~

Wander across the meadow

your footsteps treading light,

Quietly you go

you hopes and dreams take flight,

Tiptoe through

the warm long grass,

To the ancient oak tree

through its magical door you pass,

Walking up the

apricot steps,

Speckled with iridescent

and golden flecks,

And now across

the marble floors,

Soft light casts a glow

from under huge oak floors,

Reach the doors

and then your through,

The enchanted music

enraptures you,

His arm now round you waist

you start to sway,

You don’t realize you dance

the night away,

It seems not long

the giant clocks they chime,

The night is over

your out of time,

You know that when it becomes night

you will be here once more,

For your heart has been captured

by the music of lore….

~ Pond ~



Pond-skaters skate on

the pond at night,

They dance around

in the misty blue light,

The moon gives of a

brilliance beam,

It smooths out the shadows

an aura unseen,

The desolate glow

can’t hide all that’s around,

The crickets give off

a wonderous sound,

The bullfrog

it makes such a noise,

The water snake catches

prey like toys,

The koi

it does give such a crash,

Launches itself out the water

with an echoing smash,

The pond is alive

like its not through the day,

And you’ll never even notice

as you pass on your way….


~ A story ~

Holly’s story

~ Shush! ~

Look at the stars all sparkly and bright.

Look at the moon all round and white.

Go slowly down through the fluffy clouds, go down to the  big oak tree.

Who is sleeping?

who can we see?

Look there is squirrel with mummy and daddy, all curled up safe and snug. Oh look there is the great big owl, looking at us before he fly’s away.

Whats that? Can you hear it? Can you hear that noise?


Lets go down to the long green grass. Lets go see who’s there….

Oh look it’s hedgehog, shuffling his feet and snuffling his nose.

Shush! don’t scare him.

Lets be quiet and let him go.

I wonder, can you hear that noise? It sounds like snoring!

Let’s go see who’s snoring!

Shush! It’s Duck snoring!

Can you hear?


Shush,  lets be quiet,don’t wake duck up….

Who else can we see?

Look its Frog hopping on the lily pads, Frog is going to play with his friends….

Splash! They jump off the lily pads. Splash! they jump of the log.

Shush! Lets be quiet not to scare them.

Lets keep going.

Lets go to the farm, I wonder who we will see?

Shush! Lets be quiet! We don’t want to wake anyone.

Who is in the barn?

Oh look! It’s Cow! and her mummy and daddy the Bull.

Shush! Don’t wake them, they are sleeping.

Lets be quiet.

Look there is pig in her stall, look all the baby piglets are sleeping.

Shush! Don’t wake them! Lets be very quiet, shush lets go!

Look there is horse and her mummy.

Shush they are sleeping. Lets be quiet.

As we leave we see cat asleep on the hay, shush! Don’t wake cat, let her sleep.

Let’s take a look at the hen house, I wonder if the hens are asleep?

Let’s look quietly.

All the hens  are sleeping, the baby chicks too.

Lets be quiet, we don’t to wake them.


Let’s sneak past dog, we must be very, very quiet. Tiptoe, tiptoe past dog.

Shush not to wake him!


Listen! Whats that noise?

It is goose and goat.

Shush! Don’t wake them! Lets be quiet! Shush!

Lets go look in the meadow.  Who will we find?

Look! It’s Fox running with her cubs! Lets be quiet and not scare them.


Look! There is Mouse! Shush, we will frighten her! She is looking for food.

Lets be quiet!

Lets go back to the farm.

Creep past Goose and Goat sleeping, sneak past Dog sleeping, lets be really quiet.

Look everyone in the farm house is sleeping!

Shush! Look!

Farmer and farmers wife are sleeping, farmers daughter and baby are sleeping.

The Farmers family get up very, very early.

Shush! Lets be quiet not to wake them

Lets go back to the pond but, shush! Lets be quiet.

Lets go back through the grass and back up the big oak tree. Shush! We must be quiet….

Slowly we look up through the fluffy clouds, up at the sparkly stars. We look at the big bright moon.

The world is asleep….


Good night!

The above was written for my 2yr old with the emphasis on being quiet and the fact that she has to shush! Hope you all like it. I found its just long enough that as I finish telling her it, her eyes are closing for sleep!

Happy hugs all and may you all have a fantastic day!

Take care, Nem.x.

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