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That bitch….

The thoughts they all fly round your head
But you, you just lie in your bed,
You just dont listen to what others say
You wish the world would go away,
She hurt you yeah, hurt so bad
And now your heart is far beyond sad,
Its dead inside aint nothing grows
Deep down you think its all she knows,
And yeah you think shes just a bitch
Its that fucking nonsense 7yr itch,
Your worth much more your head it says
But you wont believe it for many days….


A little rant at know alls. U C a woman pushin a dark coloured buggy/pram & fink she as a boy. Why? Her baby as jeans on, mus b a boy. Why? U C a baby wearing green or blue, its a boy then. Why? R U goin 2 tell that man in the pink shirt hes a girl? No course ur not, u aint gonna tell that fit bird she cant wear blue neither. So why is a baby a boy in a dark buggy? Maybe jus maybe its a girl…. By the way my milk monster is a beautifull girl called miss H. Cya.x.

A poem for my tattoo!

Are you the Angel from my dreams,
Sewing up all these tattered seams,
Holding me close when i scream in the night,
Still laying beside me at dawns first light,
These years have past and your still here,
You hold me tight help battle my fear….

Hello everyone!

Well hello everybody!
So how are you all? I hope your all fantastic. Its such a beautifull day today, i hope your all enjoying the sun. Well take care all of you and i hope you all recieve a smile from someone special. Cya.x.

C ya….

Back when im back….
You all take care and i hope your days are peacefull and nights restfull….
C you all soon/me.x.

Just cuz im not here….

You may have noticed that im not here alot just lately, i haven’t answered messages and when i finally am here its only for 2/3 mins then im gone again. It doesn’t mean im forgetting all you fab people just that life is far to busy right now…. But i think of you all and wish you peacefull days where the sun shines upon you and sweetest dreams at night. Take care all.x.

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