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For my P.S. (M.P.)

Twirling in the
Sparkle light,
Dancing in the
Flame lit night,
All of us chatting
Round together,
The secret of our night
That binds us forever,
I watched you smile
An uncaptured glow,
Then you looked my way
Think that you know,
How much i love you
That i always will,
Wont deny it your in my heart
Forever and still….

Goodbye march.

Do you ever have those months you just wish would end?
This has been a testing month…. My other half went for an op, hes doing well now. My kitchen ceiling fell down, 2 mins earlier and it would have hit my baby.
A close family member had a mini stroke, shes doing ok….there is alot in life that tests us and it is only when things get hard that we find out how strong we are….
Take care all.x.

The way we see people….

I dont think you are dark and twisted,
Dont think with love you could be tight fisted,
But hey what do i know your just a boy,
You could still see love as just a toy,
Meet the perfect girl you will,
She’ll catch your breath hold you still,
When all the world around yous turning,
She’ll have your desires burning,
And when she is by your side,
The whole wide world will see your pride….

~ ? ~

If colours were a thought
processed in your head,
How would you know
what sunlight is laying in your bed,
And how would a simple touch feel
would it set you free,
If people were a figment
What would we mean you and me,
If a day was but a second
and a year was but a blink,
How would you describe what you see in the mirror
tell me do you think,
Say all of us on earth were a sound wave
one that was always online,
I think all we are is a moment
cradled within the hands of time….


Drops of blood fall on your pillow
nightmare screams inside your head,
Tortured soul gives up fighting
fluttering heart dies its dead,
For years and years
in dusty room,
A creature in the corner
enveloped in gloom,
Dark curtain ripped off
a shaft of piercing light,
To shatter the illusions
that haunt this dark night,

The witness

Walking down the desolate street
avoid eye contact with those you meet,
Enter the gloomy building straight
times running out be fast dont wait,
Now you’ve opened dirty door
see her sitting on the floor,
Skin so pale icy cold stone
eyes glazed over shes already gone your on your own,
Leave as fast as lightening bright
you need to fade stay out of sight,
Your only witness now
this deepest dark night….

The symbol….

The symbol that i wear is one i wear with pride,
Its my choice my faith one i will not hide,
You make remarks all you in your corner,
And the word terrorist i can not abide,
This symbol is past of my heritage and round my neck it shall reside….

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