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C u all next year!

Have a wonderfull new year everyone.x. May you all have good health and inner happiness.x.

I just dont get it?

Why? I just cant understand why? I’ve always been pretty good at showing the world i dont care, and because of the way i was brought up things ie people dont get under my skin often, but my fingers bleed from ripping my skin open trying to get you out from under it…. Life is a 2 faced B sometimes…. I wish you all out there sunshine and warmth in your hearts….

Mind, War, Zone,

If the world was split in two,
On opposite sides would stand me and you,
Your above me that i know,
As in hellish fires is where i grow,
Come to my own simple mind,
The frightening secret that you find,
Carefull walking on the floor,
The games begin fall through trap door,
I still cannot find what means so much,
I still wreak havoc with every touch,
Dont touch me let me fade away,
You win this test but the true games on the way….

My milk monster!

Chubby hands to hold your bottle
kiss your finger tips,
Candytuft for your nose
Rosebud for your lips,
The twinkle from the brightest stars
Fill your dark brown eyes,
Summers blossom in your cheeks
Skin like clear blue skies,
You make me feel dizzy
Your so pure and carefree,
My baby you mean
The world to me,

I dreamed….

I dreamed we met
both you and I,
On the platform of a train station
i dont know why,
Both of us shy
to say hello,
Both apprehensive
but wanting our friendship to grow,
And then i woke up
was it all just a dream,
It stayed on my mind
what did it mean,
I thought long about it
and suddenly i know,
That given some time
our friendship will grow….

Jumping off the edge of the world.

I’ve decided to dissapear for awhile, be back next year…. Untill then, merry christmas, warmest seasons greetings and i wish you all a wonderfull new year…. Take care, Nem.x.
I cant write, im not strong, i cant write, your wrong, your wrong. Im emotionally weak, i’ve lost my song, now i cant write, cuz im not strong, now i cant write a love song, a poem or a thought, this feeling that i’ve lost, its given, cant be bought….

Music in the veins….

Release your breath
Into the night,
Like moth to flame
Your drawn to fires light,
Feel the beat
Within your soul,
Dance to the music
That within your blood flow,
Move around
Without a care,
Feel the harmony
In the air,
Keep the beat
Breathe its real,
The one you want
Knows how you feel….

Strange game….

Theres nobody here
Theres nobody home,
We are all fighting
We all are alone,
We all have our nightmares
That scream in the night,
We all have our demons
That stay till first light,
We all want some love
To know someones here,
To reach out when you need them
Always be near,
We all go on living
The worlds just the same,
We all go on breathing
And play lifes strange game….


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