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Couldn’t sleep so I wrote a friend a good morning on Whatsapp….
Hope you all have an amazingly awesome Monday.x.






No title needed….

Last night in my dreams I
was met with snow,
It’s endless depths
it’s illicit emotions on show,
The snowflakes swirled
became the shadow of a man,
Follow me he said
get up I know you can,
I got up and followed him
into the abyss,
All the time feeling
that something was amiss,
I stopped as did he I
turned and I fled,
He wasn’t you my sweet
he turned the snow red,
I dropped to my knees
and the pines they grew high,
Ever reaching upwards
disappearing in the sky,
Closed my eyes to the red
where did you go,
This is so red
not the sweet you I know,
The sounds of a song
carried on the trees,
They remind me of you
a voice on the breeze,
Get up follow the sound
I find the white snow,
And here on the hillside
I see you with the dogs down below….


Writing this and “I will follow you into the dark” comes on…. Made me smile, typical….


Feeling it enter
entwine with my heart,
Gliding with my rhythm
shock my senses from the start,
Drum a little louder
coursing through my veins,
Cascading down my nerves
awaken back beat rains,
Beats play with
my pressure points,
Melody dances
in my joints,
Let the rhythm surge on faster
push the boundaries of my mind,
I see the music in all its glory
in every colour I can find….


Inspired by….
“Eyes Closed” By Netsky.

It’s funny how every day goes by
with a memory to remind me of you,
It’s the tiny little things that get to me most
that pull at my heart so true,
It’s the look of a man walking
or I hear a strangers voice,
And my heart it takes a leap
my mind it has no choice,
All of a sudden my thoughts
they all go,
And all I can think of
is you mixed with snow,
The cold fresh and white
and the warmth of your skin,
The sound of your words
and I’m losing it within,
That’s when I remember your so far
your not near,
And how sometimes I’d give anything
just to have you here,
The way you make me smile
and how we can talk all night long,
How you think of me during the day
and send me a song,
How we can talk about anything
our hopes and our dreams,
And your always here beside me
when I fall apart at the seams,
I guess you mean more to me
than you’ll ever know,
But as time it goes on
it will probably show,
All you need to know
and know this from the start,
I carry your name
so deep in my heart….


For Pelle, Winna, and Pluto….
Hugs to all of you…..x.x.x.x.

~ Sweet dreams…. ~

I wrote this for a friend and they’ve said I can post it here….


May all of you always have the most sweetest of dreams….

I was flicking down Facebook (as you do….), when I stopped at this pic and felt inspired to write…. It seems easiest  to post pictures….


And here’s what I posted in the comments….



It’s funny how
you say you see,
So much beauty
inside of me,
When I look I
see barren and bare,
I just can’t see
what isn’t there,
You say we’re as stunning
as stars in the sky,
But then I look at me
and can’t help but sigh,
You say humans are wondrous
we live breathe see the world anew,
And all of those things I
so believe they are true,
People are amazing
they are born give life and die,
And through all of this they question
who how and what and why,
From the ground up to the sky
and every living thing,
From the thinkers doers and the dreamers
and fresh questions each morning does bring,
But when you say you see beauty in me
this I just can’t see,
I’m just your average plain nobody
but that’s all I need to be….


For you…. you know who you are….



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