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So true….





When your sky comes falling down
and your hurtling towards the sun,
When you see the lies from the truths
and it all just falls undone….

I’ll be there to walk the miles with you in silence….

until your smiling again….


break my heart,
Break it soft and sweet and slow
so I never realise you start,
Become summers echoed memory
flutter like the wings of a bird in flight,
Stop me breathing
when of you i do catch sight,
Oh darling break My heart
make it cascade with pain,
Over flow me with longing and needing
just like dry earth that craves the rain,
Darling fill me up
darling flood my mind,
Till all that’s left is thoughts of you
in every dusty corner I find,
Darling break my heart
make me burst forth like a river so true,
Then darling bind me back together
with threads made simply of you….


~ Old Book…. ~

Let the hours take me
in my need for you,
Fall into the solitary silence
let your words spark as I feel so true,
Cascade my mind
set my creativity free,
Allow me to ponder on your woven intricities
and all that they can be,
I get lost as you speed
you pick up the pace,
And my heart it beats faster
as with mystery you lace,
The plot thickens and my fingers burn
with each turn of the page,
Be good and let me fall into your words
as they get better with age,
You smell of wonder
of a past so bright,
And I get so lost to you
i don’t notice the fading light,
My eyes bright enraptured by your story
your characters come alive,
Your narrative swirls around me
mind first into the words I dive,
The story reaches its crescendo
just the conclusion still to come,
There’s a light shining through my window
the night is gone here is the sun….


….In a world where everything is digital and the way forward is electronic, there is something so profoundly erotic, so other worldly about stepping into an old book store. The sensory overload of smells, sights and sounds. The quiet knowledge of sight….of an art….a passion….slowly being discarded and forgotten….

Once upon a time books were bought as an extravagant luxury, they were  kept, loved and passed down generations. Now they are bought mostly as a thought while we are shopping for other things. They are read or half read, left on a shelf to get dusty and then either sold in a yard sale or given to a charity shop or second hand store….
When was the last time you held a real book….,




It’s raining and gosh I love the rain
it’s like the perfect sin,
The pitter – patter drops like ice fire
they burn upon my skin,
Sitting in the passenger seat while you drive
watching each drip run down the window like a teardrop,
Watching as you change gears your eyes focused on the road
and I bite my lip as I watch your hands my thoughts don’t stop,
The tendons in your arm flicker
as the gearstick you push home,
I drag in a breath try to think of where we are
not how much I want you alone,
Your thoughts far away as music plays quietly
stuck in the traffic all I can do is drink you in,
I so wanna reach out and touch
damn just watching you turns me on so do I touch you do I begin,
The traffic light changes and you move gears I can’t help but watch
first gear I feel a little warmer push to second I shift slightly in my seat,
Third I bite my lip a little more thoughts harder to keep clean
you touch forth and look my way your eyes I just can’t meet,
The traffic clears and you push fifth
can’t help the gasp that escapes my mouth,
And you smile that sexy smile
and that smile on me heads south,
You put your hand upon the wheel
then down to rest up on your knee,
Thinking about what you do with those hands I sigh just slightly
you look my way know my thoughts and what’s come over me,
Swirl my finger in a circle on your shoulder down your arm
to you I’m slowly losing control,
We hit more lights you drop gears fifth to third to first
watching your hands my emotions on a roll,
My body comes alive at the memory of your hands on me
my fingers trail down to your wrist,
You catch my hand in your hand a swift but graceful move
to my fingers lay a kiss,
Lights change slip to second push to third
you smile that secret smile know what’s on my mind,
Slide to forth push home to fifth
my fingers trace an invisible line from your knee the temperature in the car higher we both find,
Pull in to our road up our drive gears flow through to first
engine off I desire you more,
Feed my hunger quench my thirst with one long deep kiss
sexual electricity bouncing higher we head for the door….


Inspired by the words of Mr T. L.
“….There is no pain like vision
    past knowledge
      is a forgotten tool
         to break frozen gears….”

~ Nothing as far as the eye can see. ~

Thank you for the inspiration and sending you hugs.x.

The truth….


So very very true….


You weren’t, but you are now….

A wish for you all on Thursday….


Hope you all have a happy smiley Thursday. ☺


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