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~ Doubt…. ~

These thoughts they do swirl round me
please tell me that I’m wrong,
Cause at the moment I feel broken
these thoughts are hitting and I’m not strong,
At the moment it isn’t even
that I feel nieve,
Or that the truth of the matter I
just don’t perceive,
A simple toy a plaything
till something better you find,
And I am cast
so far from your mind,
These thoughts are hitting hard
the doubt flowing with ease,
The doubt it caresses uses fingers
such a tease,
And I am under
doubts spell,
Falling apart
going to hell,
Not good enough
just don’t feel I can ever be,
Is it your bored and I’m easy
wonder what you see in me,
Doubt it is a killer
and it’s sown it’s seeds,
My fingers are raw and bloodied
from picking all these weeds….


….The hardest thing, is that even with doubt, it doesn’t change, I love you so much….
….I don’t need to shoot for the stars….
….all I want is the moon….

~ Fate…. ~

There are so many moments
throughout the day,
When thoughts of you
come my way,
And these fluttering thoughts
they make me smile,
Because thoughts of you
are always worthwhile,
It’s funny how hard I’ve
fallen for you,
And it’s scary that these feelings
are pure and true,
Fate joined our paths
so that we would meet,
Fate knew that I’d love you
from your head to your feet,
See when I was believing
that love just ain’t real,
Destiny said don’t worry
fate will show you how to feel,
Fate and destiny hatched a plan
then sat back to watch it flow,
They asked you to take a second look
then sowed the seed of love in me and sat back to watch it grow….


For J.L.

I’m tired….

My sexy sweet man
sleep does call,
But it is not
what I want at all,
To stay awake is
what I need,
I have this hunger
only you can feed,
Your silken words I
want to tease,
My only desire
is that you I please,
And yet here I am
falling asleep,
To stay awake is one promise
to myself I can’t keep,
More so tonight
you my heart will miss,
But there’s nothing I can do
except send this small kiss,
Your neck I wish to link
my arms around,
And to have your heartbeat
my only sound,
The things I want
just can’t be done,
But our words can be used
to have some fun,
*….Sigh. …*
Tonight my love I will dream of you,
Know this my sweet I
love you true….

Text play part 3

Me and you and you and me,
An endless passion is how we’d be,
Babe your in my thoughts all day,
I make no effort to push them away,
If we were together we’d be up all night,
Passion fire pleasure til dawns first light,
Our minds spiritually  entwined,
I wanna make love to your sexy mind,
We the way we are we could push it higher,
And if we were together we’d  be the biggest conflagration an endless fire….


Sensuality and passion are where you play,
And my heart you always slay,
Want you to wrap your arms around,
The fire you burn can’t be bound,
Want your lips upon my skin,
My gosh your a sweet fucking sin,
And all of you I want to taste,
Take my time I just won’t haste,
Kiss you all over and down to your hips,
Take your cock and part my lips,
All I want is to give you joy,
But I want to be more than just your toy….


I wanna be your teddybear,
I wanna be your underwear,
Hugs your parts tightly as you walk,
Your voice so sexy I’ll cum as you talk,
Next to your skin I’ll get so wet,
You ain’t had the best of me yet,
Your so fuckable I know that’s true,
And I’m just so fuckin into you….

….I read your messages
      and my mind goes blank….

….I think a hundred million thoughts all at once
      but I neither utter nor write but a word….

….I guess your just a thief….

….You take my words and my thoughts,
      my feelings and my emotions….

….You write your name on my mind
       and my body,
           my heart and my soul….


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